The best way to work with a person who has the Directness trait is: 

Be direct and to the point.

Allow them to choose if possible ... allowing them to make a decision gives them a certain degree of control.

Discuss how the results will be accomplished.

NOTE: If a person has other traits above the line, you will also need to consider those traits as well. 

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  • They act on their environment rather than reacting to it

  • They are venturesome

  • Naturally self-confident, high ego people

  • Hard-driving and decisive

  • They are candid (which others may take as criticism)

  • More confidence in what they can do than in what others can do

  • Will do details only if they relate to their results or control

  • More interested in results than people

  • Authoritative

  • Tellers

  • Must be challenged (will challenge others)

  • Attack things aggressively

  • Often do not realize how strongly they come across to others

  • Will delegate responsibility (details) but not authority easily

  • Hate having anyone looking over their shoulder

  • Outspoken and direct

  • Good trouble shooters (especially if D is only strength above)

  • Thrive on solving problems...when they run out, they look for more


The focus of the Direct person is on getting results, being in control and solving problems.

You probably know someone whose dominant temperament trait is Directness. They're the ones who take charge, wanting to lead rather than follow. High D people have a direct style of communication ... they get right to the point. Sometimes their direct style can be misunderstood as criticism, when really all they were doing was saying what was on their mind in a very direct way.

Other characteristics of Directness are: