​​​►  Directness - The focus is on results, being in control and solving problems.

►  Extroversion -  People oriented, they like teamwork and involve people to accomplish their goals.

► Pace - Steady and easygoing, they appear calm, cool and controlled under pressure.

►  Structure - Their focus is on doing what they know to be right. Usually careful and precise, they hate to make mistakes.

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Watch clips from the Management By Scripture seminar that teaches the principles of the MBS program from a Christian standpoint.

The 4 temperament Traits


God knows that we listen to Him, and to everyone, from our own point of view.  Our temperament is part of our human nature and influences how we listen.  There are 4 basic temperament types and each of the gospel writers presents Jesus from the perspective of one of these different temperament styles ... so everyone can hear The Truth.  Read More

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