The focus of the Extroverted person is on people and teamwork.

Everyone knows someone whose dominant temperament trait is Extroversion. Extroverted people are talkative, friendly and outgoing. They LOVE to talk. High E people have a persuasive style of communication ... they naturally tend to talk you into things. They're most creative when working with others ... they love being part of "The Team"!

Other characteristics of Extroversion are:

  • Outgoing, friendly, cheerful

  • Talkative, fluent communicators

  • They like people a lot and want to be liked in return

  • Usually are enthusiastic and pleasant

  • In a new group, they may hold back at first, acting and feeling shy (until they sense acceptance)

  • Are eclectic

  • Like to develop people, build organization

  • Get things accomplished through people

  • Know lots of people

  • Like teamwork, will involve people

  • Like group discussions, encourage participation in decision-making

  • Tend to have the last comment, they add a P.S.

  • Persuasive

  • Tend to think they've told you something they haven't

  • Constantly selling, often themselves

  • Concerned with how others respond to them

  • Naturally optimistic

  • Like to be noticed ... often in the latest fashion

  • Good in all kinds of selling

The best way to work with a person who has the Extroversion trait is:

Talk! Don't just listen ... interact. 

Allow them to work as part of a team.

Extroverted people are most creative when they have people to bounce ideas off of. 

Provide feedback. Show that you're interested in what they're doing.

NOTE: If a person has other traits above the line, you will also need to consider those traits as well