The focus of the Paced person is on timing, harmony and cooperation.

It's easy to recognize someone that has Pace as their dominant trait. Paced people appear laid back, relaxed and easy going. They don't rush ... they just move along in a smooth, under control manner. High P people HATE to be put under pressure, so they naturally avoid pressuring others. High P people are helpful and cooperative.

Other characteristics of Pace are:

The best way to work with a person who has the Pace trait is:

Relax! Paced people appreciate a "calm, cool and collected" style.  

Ask them for their help/cooperation. Preferably not at the last minute. 

Consider their schedule. Get with them early so that they can work what you need into their schedule.
NOTE: If a person has other traits above the line, you will also need to consider those traits as well. 

  • Appear cool, calm and controlled under pressure

  • Appear stable, emotionally adjusted, in harmony with the world

  • Roll with the punches ... take things in stride

  • Noted for persistence and cooperation

  • Look for peace and harmony (referees)

  • Have a long fuse ... when blow up look out

  • Dependable and reliable

  • Do not like to be rushed at the last minute ... plan ahead

  • Inclined to make every move count

  • Noted for good memory and being a good listener

  • Organize their time to get work done on schedule

  • Time, schedules, deadlines are important

  • Like to know the time frame

  • Warm and friendly (may be perceived as extrovert)

  • Naturally good planners

  • Make great friends ... have time to take time to listen, etc.

  • Approach things in a methodical way

  • Tend to hold things within ... not make waves