• They HATE to make mistakes

  • Keep things together in the company

  • Naturally good organizers

  • Usually careful, accurate, precise

  • Will double check themselves and others

  • Are very loyal (to circle of structure)

  • Naturally good with details

  • There is a right way and a wrong way ... the right way is the ONLY way

  • Don't make many mistakes, might make nervous mistakes

  • Need a thorough knowledge of product to sell it

  • Often rely on tradition

  • Good at developing systems

  • Meticulous, can be fussy

  • Perfectionist

  • Like to gather many facts before making decisions

  • Do NOT like criticism (proves them wrong) but are often self-critical

  • Quality oriented

  • Appreciate knowing the rules, expectations, instructions

  • Go by the book ... their book/rules

The best way to work with a person who has the Structure trait is:

Give them the facts. Show it to them in writing. 

Focus on doing the right thing. If things go wrong, first look at the procedures rather than blaming the Structured person. 

Give them the opportunity to ask questions.

NOTE: If a person has other traits above the line, you will also need to consider those traits as well.


The focus of the Structured person is on being right and doing the right thing.

The people that you know who are careful, precise & perfectionists ... they're Structured. Someone who has Structure as their high trait "goes by the book" ... THEIR BOOK! They can be resistant to change, not because the change isn't good but because they need some time to be SURE that its good. They need to gather facts and do the research before making a decision. They ask A LOT of questions ... they like to check and re-check ... they like to be right!

Other characteristics of Structure are: